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Great news for Vapers! – The Royal College of Physicians has just released a new report on vaping, and it’s good news all round. Click below for details.


RCP Report

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It aims to make the Governement rethink the ridiculous and pointless vaping changes, which include limiting bottle size, tank size and maximum strength.

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Latest Updates

18 Sep

Health and Safety Protocol

We are aware that there have been reports of ecigarette batteries exploding or melting and have tailored our safety ...

18 Sep

Battery Care

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21 May

How to refill tanks

If you have bought an ecigarette, you may want to know how to: refill your tank/cartomiser maintain your battery ...

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Reduced Price Juice Bundles

If you suffer from “Vaper’s Tongue”, or you just like to mix it up with flavours in general, our bundle packs are worth considering. You get a bundled mix of different juice flavours, all for half the normal price. They’re perfect if you prefer to switch from one flavour to the next to stop your tongue getting bored!

Half-Price SALE!

We currently have a half-price sale at our Woolston store, which includes both juice and hardware. Many of these are end-of-line items, like the Innokin 134 and VTR mods! Our Vamos need to go too, and these are also half price. And our entire Dekang range is now half price as well. Pop in soon, before we sell out!


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Click here for a review on e-cigarette safety by the BBC’s Max Mosely, “Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Are electronic cigarettes safe?”

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